Our research strategy

The overall research vision of our Group is to develop and realize creative and interdisciplinary concepts in the area of nanomaterials.

We focus on nanomaterials development pushing the following strategy CSI: Catalysis, Synthesis and Investigation.


- Replacement of platinum group metals in catalysis:

- Hydrogen (HER) and oxygen (OER) evolution reactions

- PEM water electrolysis

- Semi-hydrogenation of acetylene

- CO2 methanation

- CO2 to formic acid

Nanocrystal Science

- Synthesis of advanced nanocrystals and nanostructures

- Self-assembly and spatially confined self-assembly of nanocrystal superlattices

- Thermal and electrical transport in nanostructured thermoelectrics

- Nanoinks for solar photovoltaics:

Organic chemistry

- Design and synthesis of organic building blocks

- Self-assembly of novel covalent organic frameworks

- Heterogenization of homogeneous catalysts

- Large-scale synthesis of covalent organic frameworks


- Covalent organic frameworks for selective adsorption

- Functionalized oxide nanomaterials for metal recovery

- Removal of arsenic contamination in groundwater water


- Eco-friendly nanocrystal-based inks

- Antibacterial coatings for dental applications

- Multifunctional coatings for ceramic products

- Contract research and development