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CatLab is dedicated to testing advanced catalytic materials and characterization of materials.

Our catalysis set-up:

Ogum: fixed-bed gas-phase reactor for semihydrogenation of acetylene;
Yemanjá: high-pressure liquid-phase autoclave reactor employed for CO2 activation;
Perun: proton-exchange membrane fuel cell with membrane electrode assembly for water electrolysis.


TGA-DSC-MS, N2 physisorption, DLS, UV-Vis, OM, etc.; high-temperature tube furnace with controlled atmosphere.

ChemLab is dedicated for air- and moisture sensitive organic synthesis, preparation and testing of covalent organic frameworks and advanced adsorbent materials and is equipped with two specialized fume hoods for materials synthesis, rotary evaporator, and a microemulsion system.

NanoLab is dedicated to synthesis, assembly, functionalization, and scale-up of nanoparticles and nanostructures and is equipped with two specialized fume hoods for air- and moisture sensitive wet chemistry, batch reactor, Milli Q water system, and set of centrifuges.

SynLab is designed for air- and moisture-sensitive chemistry and is equipped with a Schlenk line, glove box, and a specialized fume hood for materials synthesis. SynLab also houses an ICP-OES elemental analyzer.

InnovaLab is purpose-designed and equipped to successfully conduct innovation projects with the industry. Specialized equipment/methodologies/techniques address company-oriented coatings research in the areas of plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, textile, and alloys.

Various fabrication and characterization facilities are available at the host institution INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory). We have access to top-down fabrication methods (photolithography, e-beam lithography, etching, etc.), as well as state-of-the-art characterization facilities, such as transmission and scanning electron microscopes, probe microscopes, X-ray facility, spectroscopy facility, electrical characterisation and magnetic properties measurement facilities.