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We have a true passion for science! Each and every one of our team members represents the committed spirit of our research activities!

Yury V. Kolen’ko

Yury enjoys synthesis, investigation & application of unconventional nanomaterials.

Juliana Sousa

Juliana has experience in several scientific fields; synthesis and functionalization of inorganic materials, catalysis and coatings.

Mouli Thalluri

Mouli works on development of supported electrocatalysts employing wet and vacuum based tools for their applications mainly focussed on Hydrogen energy sector.

Laura M. Salonen

Laura employs organic chemistry methods for the development of innovative nanomaterials for water treatment and catalysis.

Natalia Spera

Natalia has a more technical approach and enjoys working with synthesis and applications of sustainable coatings.

Clara Ponte

Clara is a Materials Chemist who is developing covalent organic frameworks for photocatalysis.

Isabel Oliveira

Isabel is a Biologist/Tissue Engineering who is developing functional coatings based on nanomaterials with infrared reflective properties.

Diana Alves

Diana is a Biomedical Engineer who is developing functional coatings based on nanomaterials with hydrophobic properties.

Sandra Amaral

Sandra is an organic chemist working on the development of nanomaterials for sustainable coatings.

Joana Araújo

Joana is a Chemical Engineer working on the development of COFs for the adsorption of pharmaceuticals pollutants from water.

Cátia Freitas

Cátia is a Material Scientist working on the development and characterisation of nanomaterials for catalysis.

Tiago Fernandes

Tiago is working with catalysts for energy-efficient anion-exchange membrane (AEM) for water electrolysis.

Mafalda Pina

Mafalda is working with catalysts for Proton exchange Membranes (PEM) for water electrolysis.

Soraia Fernandes

Soraia is working with metal organic framework (MOFs) for capturing a greenhouse gas.

Ramsundar Mohan

Ramsundar is working with the magnetic nanomaterials for spin polarized oxygen evolution reaction (OER).

María Poupard

Mafer is a Material Scientist who works on the synthesis of functional nanoporous materials.

Roma Raj

Roma is a passionate material scientist with expertise in printed photovoltaic, particle synthesis, and self-healing coatings to renewable energy technology.

Siavash Alizadeh

Siavash is a materials scientist, interested in solid-state electrochemistry. He is working on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. He believes in science to make a green world.

João Restivo

João’s work focuses in the development of nanostructured materials for environmental applications.

Isilda Amorim

Isilda's major interest is the development of electrocatalysts for their application on electrochemical water splitting.

João Braga

João is a biomedical engineer who is working in the valorisation of lithium mining by-products.

Zhipeng Yu

Zhipeng is working in the development of advanced materials and their applications in the field of electrochemical energy conversion.

Waqas Zaman

Waqas is working on synthesizing efficient iridium-based materials for PEMWE.

João Rodrigues

João is a Micro and Nanotechnology Engineer working in the recycling procedures for lithium batteries as well as solution-processed CIGS solar cells.

Our Alumni:

Julia Portela Pino

Orlando Oliveira

Marcos Martínez

Diógenes Piva

Viviana Sousa

Liliana Gonçalves

Adria Perez

Riccardo Zema

Jenni Jarju

Pablo Blanco

Nadia Licciardello

Roberto D'Amato

Krystal Cid

Aida Díez

Juanjo Ocampo

Bruna Gonçalves

Süleyman Kudret

Ana Catarina Lima

Magali Rego

Ivan Nuñez Perez

Zexuan Wang

Javier García

Silvia Escudero

Micaela Lavender

Natália Vilaça

Nagendra Chauhan

Rajesh Reddy

Olumide Ayodele

Vanesa Romero

Niklas Bennedsen

Yasmine Ziouani

Dallas Mann

Sara Barros

Udayabhaskararao Thumu

Tiago Marinho

Francesca Scalerandi

Elena Igonina

Anneloes Berghuis

Marek Piotrowski

Diogo Abreu

Vanessa Cardoso

Miguel Franco

Renato Gonçalves

Noelia González

Bryan Owens-Baird

Luiz Felipe Souza

Alice Boarino

Carlo Resini