Meet our team

We have a true passion for science! Each and every one of our team members represents the committed spirit of our research activities!

Yury V. Kolen’ko

Yury enjoys synthesis, investigation & application of unconventional nanomaterials.

Laura M. Salonen

Laura employs organic chemistry methods for the development of innovative nanomaterials for water treatment and catalysis.

Juliana Sousa

Juliana has experience in several scientific fields; synthesis and functionalization of inorganic materials, catalysis and coatings.

Nadia Licciardello

Nadia is a Materials Chemist, expert in nanomaterials for aerospace industry, water cleaning and human health applications

Jenni Jarju

Jenni enjoys synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications of phthalocyanine-based covalent organic frameworks as well as challenges in the synthesis and green color of phthalocyanines.

Aida Díez

Aida works on plastic degradation by using photocatalysis processes.

Roberto D'Amato

Roberto is a solid state chemist who enjoys synthesis and characterisation of inorganic and inorgano-organic materials.

Liliana Gonçalves

Liliana is developing new nanocatalysts and working on the study of their catalytic behaviour.

Soraia Fernandes

Soraia is understanding the wonderful world of Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs) and their importance in water treatment.

Orlando Oliveira

Orlando works in the development of covalent organic frameworks with enhanced stability for catalysis.

Viviana Sousa

Viviana enjoys research on solar cells, nanoparticle synthesis and self-assembly for thermoelectrics.

Bruna Gonçalves

Bruna synthesizes inorganic nanoparticles and develops environmentally friendly inks to produce printable & sustainable photovoltaic systems.

Ana Catarina Lima

Catarina seeks the best combination of smart materials to the development of printed electronics.

Krystal Cid

Krystal enjoys the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds. And she is getting to know the new world of Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs).

Natalia Spera

Natalia has a more technical approach and enjoys working with synthesis and applications of sustainable coatings.

Juanjo Ocampo

Juanjo works on the synthesis and evaluation of structured materials for the elimination of emerging pollutants in aqueous media.

Clara Ponte

Clara is a Materials Chemist who is developing nanomaterial-based additives to improve the functional properties of coatings.

Riccardo Zema

Riccardo is a Material Scientist who mainly works on the development of an efficient catalytic reactor for environmental applications.

Pablo Blanco

Pablo works on synthesize composites of COFs for adsorption of organic pollutants from water and for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in water.