Our offer

Our offer:

Nanoparticles & Nanoinks

Nanoparticle synthesis and characterization (magnetic, semiconducting, oxide, metallic) :: Formulation and characterization of nanoinks having compatibility with several printing tools

Unique features:

Colloidally stable dispersions :: Relatively large scale :: Excellent properties


Development of advanced catalysts :: Activity and selectivity testing :: Catalytic process development

Unique features:

PGM replacement :: H2 production, storage, and use :: CO2 activation (P2G, CO2-to-fuel) :: In-situ catalyst characterization

Advanced adsorbents

Oxide-based nanomaterials :: Organic-based nanoporous materials :: Composite materials

Unique features:

Surface engineering :: Novel materials :: Custom design

Bottom-up & top-down

Thermoelectrics :: Photovoltaics :: TFTs

Unique features:

Complete in-house fabrication cycle :: Diverse expertise of the team :: Use of self-assembly & printing